A few days ago,

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A few days ago,

Berichtdoor sdfsfsf » di apr 02, 2019 9:42 am

A few days ago, I took a motorcycle and went to Jifeng Mountain in the Qinling Mountains alone in the early morning. Mountain climbing always makes people easy to forget and worry. I just want to carry this ecstasy and invest in the broad mind of the mountain Marlboro Usa Price. I enjoy this Qingning in this quiet and serene. Putting aside the burden on the body, it is lightly loaded, facing the rising sun and slowly going up the stone level Cigarettes Online Free Shipping Usa. The bluestone road is not looking up to the end, and the sun is pouring down, only to see the mottled light and shadow. Light and shadow criss-cross, like a love network, so that you can not shape, the most feared is a love word, love is difficult, unforgettable, unforgettable, passionate is always ruthless, the total feeling is that people can not live On both sides of the Kanshan Road, there are green bamboos and cedar trees, which are staggered and dense. There is a thick layer of dead branches on the ground. Only this bluestone road is bare, smooth and flat, probably more people walking. It is the way. There are many people climbing the mountain here all year round. You come and go, it is a unique scenery in the suburbs of Baoji. This road has been extending upwards to Jifeng Mountain. It is about 9 kilometers long. It takes about three hours to go to the mountain. This long journey is all stone level and uphill. I can only look down on the mountain. I stop and go. But still panting, moving forward a while, hearing a few birds singing from time to time on the road, fluttering their wings to the mountains. From time to time, a fallen leaf will fall on the tree, and it will fall lightly on the body, pick up the yellow leaves, follow the veins of the time, pick up a period of past years, and have some thoughts in mind. After an hour of boarding a nameless pavilion, I was only able to give up on the pavilion Cheapest Carton Of Newport Cigarettes. The physical strength is not as good as before. After all, it has reached the age of no doubt. The trees on the mountain are looking green and luxuriant. The mountains are hovering, rolling and undulating, hazy and lingering, rising and rising, and the autumn wind bursts into the paradise. The famous poet Su Shi��s "The West Wall" looks horizontally into the peak of the ridge. It is different in height and low, and does not know the true face of the mountain Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa. I am only in this mountain, I feel the same. Just as I was enchanted by this fairyland in the world, there was a beautiful mountain song in the distance. "Jifeng Mountain is picturesque, towering peaks, clear and transparent mountain springs, looming mountain peaks"... And near, like the silent high mountains suddenly injected a fresh vitality, my cell is jumping, the song is really fascinating. Looking for the sound, a middle-aged man on the mountain road took a bucket of wood and walked up Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale, walking light and strong, striding forward and coming to the pavilion where I rested, not changing his color, not breathing, he put down The burden on the shoulder, sipping and selling bean curd, I want a bowl, sweet and delicious bean curd, delicate and smooth, eat something in the mountains. In a short while, the tofu flower was bought by the tourists on the mountain. The middle-aged man took the bucket down the mountain. He sang the folk song and disappeared into the mountain forest. He cycled back and forth every day, and he couldn��t help but feel back and forth. As long as people live simple, satisfy, and happy, they don't have to be demanding. In nature, human beings are too small. In this vast universe, people's desires will only fall into the dust, and they will be lost in the mountains. Health, as long as you live, everything is in the past, everything is a cloud of smoke.
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Re: A few days ago,

Berichtdoor fauquier27 » di okt 08, 2019 5:51 pm

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