Childhood smiles slowly

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Childhood smiles slowly

Berichtdoor sdfsfsf » wo feb 20, 2019 8:04 am

Childhood smiles slowly fell in love with my heart, intoxicated and did not know where to return, just like the original grievances "run away from home", even if lonely is not willing to turn back. So, in the "old age" that was stubborn and lonely that year, I met you like me, drooling, snoting my nose, unkempt, and a picture of the "country little stroller." The only difference from me is that you are more miserable than me. we have not yet gone to school, but because "the same is the end of the world," we will settle Jinlan. At the same time, I said that I will meet again after one year. Because we each want to go home, after all, it is too small to think that we are God Marlboro Lights Carton For Sale, but nothing is the result.e flies, gently for a year, this is the first four seasons we know. The sun is shining, and we are reluctant to come to this courtyard called the school, and begin the first-grade education process. days when I first started school were as boring as the boiled water. What kind of class should be "small feet close together, behind the small hands, eyes look at the blackboard", etc., is clearly a child abuse! So we decided to improve the "surrounding environment". The next day, you brought a rifle from home, and we threatened the other little guys in the class to listen to us. For the sake of the rifle, everything went very smoothly. At that time, there was a fat doll called a cow in the class. Our squad leader knew that he had excess nutrition at first glance. Bacheng teacher just wants to let him let the squad leader look at his body. No matter what the day, we accidentally heard him telling us bad things in front of the teacher. We were very ruthless and we immediately negotiated revenge. The classrooms at that time were pitted and very uneven, especially the one at the door of the classroom. So we excused the classroom to be too hot to sprinkle water to ask the teacher for a bucket, desperately poured a few buckets of water into the classroom, and completely concentrated in the squad leader's seat and the classroom door, and then gloating to wait for the squad leader Xiao Jiang brother to return. "Hey, who told you that I was stealing the teacher's chalk and bribing other little boy's (bribery, he was afraid that he couldn't think of the word from his aging mother's head at the time)." Although I did it so A "glorious" thing. When we were proud, the class teacher pushed the door in. "Oh!" A scream is more difficult than the wild screams on the mountain Low Price Cigarettes Free Shipping. "Who did it, stand up?!" The old-fashioned white-faced face was distorted. At first glance, Mom! The poor ground was fat. The woman's sharp knife-like heel stroked a deep and long trace. Oh, it��s terrible. You pushed me and said, "I didn't fall, she was lucky, yelling!" "Who, who is talking, stand up?!" So, we were honorably invited outside.ecause the planning is not thorough, not only did not learn the squad leader and the class teacher, but instead set fire s a light swing, growing up, it was a summer vacation in the second grade, and we seemed to be more naughty than before. In those days when we knew that the flowers were filled with flowers Cigarette Wholesaler Price, we learned a game called "Holly Hoop". Although it was a boy's game, we still enjoyed it so much. When the long iron hook wraps around the round iron ring, it seems that he is thet know who said: "A person has only one heart Coupon For Carton Newport 100S, but has two atriums. One lives happy, one lives with sorrow. Don't laugh too loudly, or you will wake up next to the sadness." I don't know if we are between Who laughed too loudly, so that grief has occupied my heart. When the dandelion flutters in the wind, I only turn around and let us separate from each other. The moment is not sadness, not despair, and the horrified crying and moving legs... After so many years, I , again to the past is sadness and engulfing happiness. At the beginning, we said that we will never be able to withstand the long sound of the truck. Now I want to count the past but I have no choice but to reverse it. A few degrees of spring and autumn Wholesale Tobacco For Newports, a few reincarnations, I want to say that the world is always forgotten, but I will never see goodbye. In the dust, it��s still you, but I still have to say that it��s up to you.
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