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Berichtdoor oscarmoats » ma jul 17, 2017 11:44 am

The Post needs to write about the many poor students who attend nonelite colleges and take out tens of thousands in loans for the privilege of getting educations that will help them get low paying, nonprofessional jobs, the type of jobs that used to be for high school graduates. When I taught at such a university, my students included those who were earning money by selling their blood, were working full time while going to school full time, and were raising their siblings. Those are the type of hard working, determined students whom The Post needs to profile and who write my thesis paper for me. By doing so, perhaps the U.S. will raise the amount of money that low income students can get through Pell Grants, which used to pay for a large percentage of the costs of an average college education, but now, the $5,815 annual maximum award would not even cover the costs of many community colleges.
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