Weekend events for every one

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Re: Weekend events for every one

Berichtdoor heintje » vr jul 06, 2012 11:52 pm

I agree with Collide, a market place will only work when no one has a second account.

About the droprate, in the single player fights is the rate to low. In the legions is it ok. This way people keep playing legions and if you don't get an item you still got a lot of battle points.
The single player fights don't really get much BP. For example the Aresarmor, if the drop chance is 10% you'll need 100 fights... than add the fact that there are only 16 fights a day... Makes it almost impossible to get it without stones.
Ofcourse some things are only possible with gold or easier, but this is no fun without gold.
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Re: Weekend events for every one

Berichtdoor rikuross » za jul 07, 2012 6:58 am

hmm i like events like
if you attack 20 players from like Karel de grote or king arhur then you got 20gold or more =P
but yes like everyone say!!!
i m very happy to have u as Admin planning of events are real good ideal maybe more events an another days ?:D
well if u need help from us i can be ur right hand^^

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Re: Weekend events for every one

Berichtdoor hazeltje » za jul 07, 2012 10:46 am

Hey Alex,

the gold event is absolutely horrible... It shoudlnt be ''consume''.
Nobody is gonna invest that much so late in the game, AGAIN... I think you forget about the players who have already invested in this game before.
Not a good thing. Yes i am one of those players, but i think i speak for a lot of others as well.
Something in return for the prior gold investments would be absolutely awewsome.

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Re: Weekend events for every one

Berichtdoor heintje » za jul 07, 2012 4:48 pm

Come on, if you bought 5K in the beginning you already have received 15K (or more) extra.
So players who already bought gold have got enough extra.

Besides, for this event you have to use gold, not buy it. So if a non gold player saved up to 100 gold he would get the 20 extra if he uses the gold.

Alex, for next time i hope you'll announce the events a bit earlier. like 4 days ahead, them you can save up to maximize the events.
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Re: Weekend events for every one

Berichtdoor goldberg » zo jul 08, 2012 2:01 am

Hello Alex, thanks for the new events, i'm really happy we've got a new GM who give us much fun to play this nice game. So, thanks for that.

Is it possible to get next week a new event like ''Buy gold, get more''? I think new players will invest in the game much more becose of the nice extra gold bonus, and it is a verry nice event to play...

Iff i can help you with translation or something you can always PM me.

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Re: Weekend events for every one

Berichtdoor bearface » zo jul 08, 2012 10:21 am

I agree that a market would primarily lead to multi abuse.

One important issue, in my view, is the balance between players who buy significant amounts of gold, and players who don't.

Both groups are important to the game. Without the buyers, there is no game - the developers need to show a profit, so they need paying customers. The non-buyers (or those who spend just a little, just to get the bonus and the extra Robust Neapolitan ;) ) make sure there is enough people playing to keep the game fun for everyone. Buyers won't pay if non-buyers don't play - simple.

It would be foolish of the devs to underestimate the value of the non-buyers, therefore, and it is in the devs' interest to keep them playing.

The good non-buyers have one "weapon" - their time. They are willing to put in their time to get better without throwing gold at their accounts. So they would benefit from events that require players to log on regularly, perform in the events, stay around for a while, and return for another go at the game.

The balance between the buyers and the non-buyers, then, can be improved by introducing time-intensive events.

I'm thinking Quest storylines, comparable to Feudal Lands but accessible to all levels, with challenges that test tactic and strategic insight, knowledge of game mechanics, and that require regular log-on and play.

Just a thought.

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Re: Weekend events for every one

Berichtdoor collide » ma jul 09, 2012 12:47 pm


Come on, if you bought 5K in the beginning you already have received 15K (or more) extra.
So players who already bought gold have got enough extra.

Besides, for this event you have to use gold, not buy it. So if a non gold player saved up to 100 gold he would get the 20 extra if he uses the gold.

It is true that people who have bought 5k gold have received alot extra gold.
but this event also almost exclusively the people who buy gold again , most people who already have a bit of gold have been saving for a larger expenditure, for example the 5th training box it cost 500 gold , nobody goes over 100 gold to spend to earn 20 gold, because they spend 80 gold to something they do not save for and so in fact their smashing their own windows .
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Re: Weekend events for every one

Berichtdoor faktor » do jul 12, 2012 1:06 pm

Hi alex,

I just want to ask you for a couple of nice events for the upcoming weekend. How about no CD on research and the buy gold get gold event?

Besides that when can we expect the new update?

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