EmpowerNetwork's JustBeenPaid Web Success Team Get 2% a Day

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EmpowerNetwork's JustBeenPaid Web Success Team Get 2% a Day

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First, join the JustBeenPaid JSS Tripler Web Success Team that teaches you how to
get and make free money on the internet with your first $10 being given to you in JSS
Tripler and you being able to make 2 percent a day on that. Soon you will be able to
pay for your monthly EmpowerNetwork fee with no recruitment.
If you know what your doing online.with the Empower Network Compensation Plan
affiliate program you can personally signup 10 people, 100 people, 1,000 people or as
many people as you can directly under you . Imagine earning 100% commissions on
hundreds of subscribers.
If you’re new to internet marketing those numbers may seem out of reach so
lets take a more conservative example. Lets say you only EVER signup one person on
your Level 1 (L1). Since you receive 100% commission you’re now earning $25
every month. Therefore your $25 monthly service fee is covered and your membership
is basically FREE! In the Empower Network Compensation Plan if you sign up someone
at the basic level, plus the Inner Circle level, plus the Costa Rican Intensive you have
made $625 up front (which is awesome) but you have also made $125 in residual income off the bat!

Here Comes The Twist:
Now lets say your one person only signs up two people, EVER. With the Empower
Network compensation plan that second person on your Level 2 (L2) their $25 gets passed
up to you. So now your earning $50 every month in residual income.

That second person on your 2nd level becomes part of whats called your
Power Leg. This basically means follow this 2nd persons downline to infinity
and for every second person on each level their $25 service fee gets passed
up to YOU. For example you would now be earning $125 EVERY month with
the following scenario:
With every person you sign up, their 2nd, 4th, 6th, 11th and every 5th person
after passes up to you generating additional infinity Power Legs. Lets say for example
you sign up a super star named Will. Will signs up 11 people for starters.
Therefore his 2nd, 4th, 6th, 11th persons $25 gets passed up to you. So you would
now be earning a total of $125 per month in residual income.

Keep in mind that each of those four Power Legs has the potential of growing boundless levels deep or like the earlier scenario where Power Leg grew to $25,000 in every month income. Now with four Power Legs growing over time could potentially pay you a cold $100,000 per month in passive residual income. All from ONLY EVER sponsoring person!

empower network and RECEIVE 25 Bonuses (Software & eBooks) to Catapult your
Web Promotion if you join our Web Success Team today !

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